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Every bead is a precious gift from ancient times and was traded from Europe to Africa mostly around the seventeenth to the nineteenth century.

Glass beads, originally brought from Persia and China by Arab traders,were traded later from Europe by the Portuguese.

In the sixteenth century Venice was the European center of Glass Bead production.

In the nineteenth century Amsterdam and later Czechoslovakia overtook Venice in the making of pressed porcelain beads.

The Millefiori beads were made by Venetian glass-makers in the fifteenth century until

the nineteenth century. The Czech and German glass beads are from the early 1800s.

The Mauritanian “Amber”, old Yemenite Silver Beads made by Jewish craftsmen, lost wax brass beads, batik bone beads, Copal, like Amber an ancient tree resin, are some of the wonderful beads I use to design my necklaces.

All my necklaces are made with antique African glass beads, Trade beads,silver beads, Agate, Chevron Beads, Wedding beads, Ethiopian silver-metal beads.


My necklaces were featured in the Lucky Magazine and in the BESCENE Magazine.


lucky magazine













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African Jewelryetsy necklace red1111bNecklace with Nigerian white Agate , Amber, Ethiopian prayer beads, antique African glass beads, metal beads from India



African Jewelry

Old glass beads from Ethiopia, Hebron Beads, Ethiopian silver-metal beads white heart beads


turquoise etsy2African Jewelry Necklace with antique African glass beads, white Nigerian Agate, Silver bead from Yemen( handmade by Jewish Silversmiths), Telsum beads from Ethiopia, Wedding beads$365etsy necklace darkred1bAfrican JewelryAmber, Ethiopian Telsum Beads, Wedding beads, antique African Glass Beads$ 285








etsy necklace bone1aAfrican Jewelry

Ethiopian Healing stick, Brass bead,African glass  bead


























etsy necklace purple












Necklace with Nigerian white Agate beads,Wedding beads, Ethiopian Telsum and Prayer beads,African Glass Beads





Necklace with Copal, antique African glass beads,

Prayer beads Ethiopian Telsum beads


etsy necklace copal1




etsy yellow neue Kette1Necklace with Amber, Nigerian white Agate, Ethiopian Telsum beads, African glass beads$285
etsy necklace green neuAfrican JewelryWhite Nigerian Agate Beads, Hebron Beads, antique African Glass Beads, Wedding Beads, Brass beadsetsy necklace yellow longAfrican JewelryLarge Conch shell bead from Mali, Amber, antique African Glass Beads $325










etsy necklace red neu neu1

KASBAH, Moroccan inspired Jewelry

Necklace with African glass beads, white Nigerian Agate beads, Ethiopian silver-metal beads, Prayer beads



African glass beads, Prayer beads, Ethiopian silver-metal beads, Mille fiori beads

etsy purle red new necklace1

etsy necklace dark blue1KASBAHNecklace with Ethiopian Silver-Metal beads, Nigerian white Agate, Ethiopian Telsum beads, African glass beads$245
etsy necklace white neuneu1Necklace with Wedding beads, Nigerian Agate, Pony beads, antique African glass beads, Ethiopian Telsum Beads$285



etsy necklace brick1Necklace with Antique African glass beads,m brass beads, Mille Fiori beads


etysy neclace turquoise 3 strands neuneuKASBAHNecklace with Ethiopian silver-metal beads, conch shell from Nagaland, antique African glass beads $275
etsy necklace gruen2 copyKASBAHNecklace with antique African glass beads, brass$285 


 necklace with a Turkoman pendantNecklace with Turkoman     Pendant, Nigerian white Agate, Wedding beads, Ethiopian Telsum Beads

                                                                                                                                         KASBAH , necklace with            Amber, Nigerian white Agate,Ethiopian Telsum  Beads$295          
etsy necklace yellow neuneu1
etsy necklace blue newNecklace with antique African glass beads, Nigerian white Agate beads, Prayer beads, Ethiopian Telsum beads$285
Necklace with African glass beads, Ethiopian Telsum beads$185neckl. web

African Jewelry

Vaseline Beads, Conch Shell, Nagaland, White Agate, Ethiopian silver-metal Beads, large Silver Bead from Yemen, made by jewish craftsman, Moroccan small silver pendants