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I was born in Berlin, Germany, and there I learned to embrace various art forms.

While in Berlin, I studied at the “Akademie fuer Bildende Kuenste und Graphik-Design” and also worked for numerous years as an advertising artist.
I moved from Germany to Coconut Grove, Florida and my new life inspired me to explore other forms of expression and brought a greater dimension to my work. At my work I got in contact with African artifacts and the African culture. I became fascinated by the beauty , strength and vitality of the people and the artifacts they created. The African’s art is truly captivating with their symbolic force and formal beauty.
The Surma in South Western Ethiopia, the cradle of humanity, decorate their bodies with chalk paint and other pigments in a variety of designs to beautify themselves. Their marvelous body painting is perfected by the Surma as a ritual art form. Then there is the incredible variety of African jewelry and adornment. My African portraits embrace the poetry of nuance and gesture and show the extraordinary diversity of cultures.
They continue to inspire me…..
My abstract paintings are influenced by the Stone Carvings from the “Shona” tribe (Zimbabwe), combined with the magic of the orient.

I hope you love my paintings the same way I do and will follow me on my future passages….


Lucky Magazine is featuring my necklace in the october 2011 issue

Books&Books, Coral Gables, July 2015
Anne Kolb Nature Center, April 2015
Moksha  Roots Live, “Moksha Art Fair 2013 Pre-Party”, 2013
Kunststueck Berlin, Germany 2012
Red Bar Gallery, Miami 2010
Dharma Studio, Coconut Grove, 2010
Andrews Art Museum, 2008
Art Fusion, Design-District, Miami, ,2007
Sheba, Design-District, Miami, 2007 Regions Bank, Coral Gables, 2006
Miarte, Coral Gables, 2006
D’Vino, Coral Gables, 2006
RIK RAK, Brickell Ave., Miami, 2006
New Star Gallery, Hollywood, Fl , 2005
i-designs, Coral Gables, FL, 2005
Hilarys Framing gallery, Miami, 2004, 2005
North Regional BCC Library, Coconut Creek, Fl 2003
Secret Cottage, Miami, 2002
It’s a take, Miami, 2001
Suntrust Bank, Miami, 2001
Kennedy Studio, Miami, 1996
Out of Africa, Miami, Fl , 1997 – 2003
Artist in Residence Gallery, Coconut Grove, (2002
One Ear Society Gallery, Coconut Grove, 1998
The Wallflower Gallery, Miami, Fl , 1998
Boswell Mourot Fine Art, 2014
Blue Moon Studio, Coconut Grove, 2014
Books and Books, Coral Gables, July 2015
My Studio, how I live and work…

Interview by Akinye  ” The Chronicles of An African Girl”  for  her blog:




Coral Gables Gallery Night Opening: Margrit-Rose People – “Passage to Africa” – Gables

PASSAGE TO AFRICA by Margrit-Rose People

This exhibit will be on view through July 31st at the Coral Gables location.
Event date:
Friday, July 3, 2015 – 7:00pm
Event address:
265 Aragon Ave

Coral Gables, FL 33134

PAGES 70-85












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Please contact me filling out the form below, or you can also call me at 786-247-2106 & 305-444-6222.

I am available to talk about my art, commissions & interviews.

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