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Made a new necklace with blue glass beads, moroccan silver pendants.

blue necklace

I made this necklace with dark blue African glass beads, small silver Moroccan pendants, prayer beads, wedding beads and Ethiopian silver-metal beads.

My new red moroccan inspired Cabinet

new red Cabinet

Yeah, it is finished!It is a beauty..

Flamboyant Karo girl

The beginning of a new cabinet

box for Cabinet

I am making a new Moroccan cabinet. It will be red and beautiful.

Flamboyant Karo Girl, Ethiopia

Flamboyant fashion statements, Karo Girl, Ethiopoia

Flamboyant fashion statements, Karo Girl, Ethiopoia

Isn’t she extraordinary? I loved to paint her with her flamboyant head decoration. I painted her with watercolor because I knew it was the best medium to show her delicate features and the flower decoration.

Just finished my new Painting: “Karo Girl”, Ethiopia, Omo Valley

Karo Girl, Ethiopia

Karo Girl, Ethiopia, Omo Valley

Beautiful “Dasanech Girl” from Ethiopia, my new Watercolor painting



My new Watercolor Painting: “Dasanech Girl” from Ethiopia.

New Painting: “Splendour and Redemption”

splendour and redemption

New painting:”One Love”

AsIi was listening to Bob Marley’s song  “One Love”  I was inspired to paint this small painting.

One Love

One Love

Judi’s slide show: Omo Valley, Ethiopia