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Lucky Dube: South Africa, that is the way it is


My new Painting:”Les enfants terribles”, “Homage to Klimt”

"Les enfants terrible", Homage to Klimt"

NGBAKA, BWAKA mask, Congo(ex Zaire), love this small mask

NGBAKA, Bwaka, Congo, (ex Zaire)

With the  help from my Facebook friends I finally got some information about this beautiful small mask.

NGBAKA, Bwaka, Congo, (ex Zaire)

My art in the colorado magazine

Art Festival, Coconut Grove, February 2011

Mon amie Joelle et moi

Art Festival

Joelle, Julie et moi

Art Festival

Baka Gbiné recording “Nawa” from the album “Gati Bongo”.


Gifford Lane Art Stroll

I am preparing for the Gifford Lane Art Stroll, Sunday, March 6th.

Can’t wait. It will be a lot of fun and hopefully I will sell another of my african Portrait paintings.

And a lot of my necklaces.

Lucky Dube

Lucky Dube, “Going back to my roots”, another beautiful Song

“Let’s dance”

"Let's dance", african artwork by margrit

I loved to paint this painting with a lot of red color, color of emotion and movements, the fabulous decorations on the Surma girl’s face, with a lot of rich copper-gold powder  accentuating the ancient  pattern of tiles and carpets.

Dogon Statue, love it

Dogon Statue

I bought this Dogon Statue  from an old African friend. I love it!

Dogon artifacts are my favourite!

As a general characterization of Dogon statues, one could say that they render the human body in a simplified way, reducing it to its essentials. Some are extremely elongated with emphasis on geometric forms. The subjective impression is one of immobility with a mysterious sense of a solemn gravity and serene majesty, although conveying at the same time a latent movement.