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New painting, Imaginary Voyage to Timbuktu

I finished a new gorgeous painting.

I continued the journey exploring new forms of creating a diverse  fabulous painting.

Again I  worked with parts of Palm bark,  fabric, paper and acrylic.

A imaginative experience and accomplishment.

Imaginary Voyage to Timbuktu

New painting, love it, “Going back to our roots”

After reading about Emperor Mansa Musa, Timbuktu and the ancient history, the accomplishments at this time, he built the Great Mosque at Timbuktu, I decided to create a painting symbolizing the beauty of this old culture. I gave this painting the title “going back to our roots”, because in order to move forward in life we must go back to our roots, understand life and try to live to our highest potential.

Going back to our Roots

Introducing the stores displaying and selling my Art, Maya Hatcha


African Art dealer, Lincoln Road


My African Art dealer on Lincoln Road

[youtube][/youtube] Sunday afternoon at Lincoln Road. Most beautiful cool day. I visit my African art dealer. He had the most beautiful beads and masks. I couldn’t help it, had to buy some of his beads…,so now I can make another necklace design..

I made a new Moroccan inspired Cabinet(decoupage)

cabinet decoupage

I made a new Moroccan inspired Cabinet. It can be mounted to the wall, has 1 shelf, and the doors have 2 magnets on the inside.

I used decoupage (the pattern are prints of antique  carpets) and distressed  the cabinet with Acrylic.

Video, my moroccan inspired decoupage and tile boxes/cabinets

I want to show you samples of my decoupage and tile Boxes and Cabinets.




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Designed new necklace with ancient beads, african artwork by Margrit

I designed a new necklace with ancient beads: white Agate,

Silver center Bead from Yemen, silver pendants from Ethiopia,

african glass beads, Copal, Prayer beads.

Dobet Gnahoré ,Samahani


Beautiful woman with a beautiful voice.

I love her. Absolutely amazing