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Amazing Book: “AFRICA” BY Sebastiao Salgado

I just came upon this amazing book by Sebastiao Salgado , “Africa”.

He is a Brazilian photographer  known for  social documentary photography. The black and white photos are an homage to the continent’s history, people and natural phenomena.

It is a sweeping document of Africa. Sebastiao Salgado is one of the most respected photojournalists and a UNICEF Special Representative.

I love his powerful black and white photos  shot in  20 african countries.

His images artfully teach us the disastrous effects of war, poverty, disease, and hostile climatic conditions.

African Artwork by Margrit, “Surma Child”

I’m Margrit and I love to paint african artwork in Watercolors and acrylics because I am fascinated

with the beauty, strenght and vitality of the african people and their artifacts they created.

I like to show you my paintings  of various African tribes with their extraordinary rich and diverse

cultural traditions .

The “Surma Child” is my latest painting. I painted it in acrylics

because I wanted   to show the beautiful decoration on the

Child’s face and body reflecting against the  dark  turquoise

background. I love the body decoration of the “Surma”  tribe.

They enjoy to decorate themselves every day with new patterns.

The children learn from early age on to copy the adults with

their paintings.

African Artwork by Margrit

Today I made a new beautiful necklace.

I designed it with various beads from Africa.

There are the green Hebron beads: they made

with salts from the Dead Sea, and they date to

the mid 1800’s and earlier. I love these beads, they not

only look very old, they are ancient.

I used 2 Millefiori ( meaning “thousands of flowers”) beads ,

made in Venice in the fifteenth century until the nineteenth

century in large production and 2 Wedding beads,

made once in Czechoslovakia for the African Trade.

Then there are the old Ethiopian silver-metal  Telsum Pendants(  made by christian Ethiopians),

The triangles protect from the evil eye.

I chose also a few Vaseline beads, they got their name because many of the colors available have

a “greasy” translucent appearance resembling petroleum jelly.

In betwen I arranged  small Pony beads and ethiopian Prayer beads.

All 4 strands have beads with  a touch of turquoise colors in between.

This necklace I made for a friend who wanted  a necklace with green ( olive green) beads. I am sure she will love it.